By: Blonde Two

It would appear that in the Blonde Two household, there is more than one adventurer.  Mr Blonde Two has been busy practicing tarp pitching (tarp not carp, carp pitching is probably illegal) and squashing as much kit as possible into tiny bags that he can attach to his bike.  He has done this before when he was getting ready for a cycling trip around Iceland but never with quite so little kit.  I have to say that although I prefer a tent (I think, I have never tried bivvying or tarping), I was impressed with this bit of bike improvisation.


This weekend, he is taking part in an event called “The Welsh Ride Thing” – this is almost certainly a title that was thought up by some blokes, in a Welsh pub, on a very wet evening over several pints.  I think it was probably given such an odd name because the organisers were quite definite about it not being a race.  It sounds like good fun, three days, two nights, light kit (all good so far) and a bike (not so good).  You have to visit as many points as you can but the route and sleeping accommodation is up to you.  Have a look for yourself, they only look a little bit on the mad side.

Mr B2 and his mate are planning to bivvi and good luck to them.  In my experience, Wales in a tent is a very wet affair, let alone in a glorified plastic bag.  He has a very thin lightweight sleeping bag, a short Thermarest, a tarp, a buffalo mountain shirt and some long-johns.  If it is chilly, I guess he and his companion can cuddle up – hopefully it will be good weather and they will have lovely open air sleeps enjoying the stars.  He does look rather fetching in his long-johns.

I am looking forward to hearing all about it when we both get back from our adventures on Tuesday.  He has promised that he will write a guest blog for us so you will be able to have a first hand account.  The best bit of preparation news so far is that he has made some flapjacks.  He makes excellent chocolate brownies and these appear to be of an equally high standard – obviously he had to share half of them with me!