By: Blonde Two

Yesterday afternoon saw Mr Blonde Two and I having the most amazing fun.  The sun was shining, the birds were tweeting (not on Twitter) and everyone was out soaking up the rays.

Everyone that is, except us.  We spend a very happy afternoon sprawled on the lounge floor with three maps of Wales and a list of grid references for company.  Mr Blonde Two is taking part in a cycling event next bank holiday called “The Welsh Ride Thing” – this event requires him to cycle around Wales (not all the way around) via a selection of checkpoints, carrying all of his kit and wild camping for two nights.

Welsh maps

I have to admit to extreme jealousy – this would be a perfect Two Blondes adventure except for one thing – I hate cycling.  If you lovely people who designed this event are reading this – please could you invent one called “The Welsh Walk Thing”?  It would be a lot like Ten Tors across Dartmoor but we grown-ups would be allowed to join in for once.

It was a very interesting experience trying to translate all that I know about writing walking route cards (we Two Blondes have written a fair few between us) onto a much larger cycling route.  Much of it is the same but distance travelled is tricky – I have no idea how fast Mr B2 cycles, it looks pretty impressive to me.  We had some discussions about electronic v map and compass – it would have been easy to give advice if it had been a walking event. I would have insisted on certain things but cycling is really not my sport and I guess part of the experience is to be able to come home saying “I wish I had done it that way”.

Maps of Wales are very different from maps of Dartmoor.  On close examination, there seemed to be more of everything – forests, mountains, rivers, tracks, contour lines and sheep (oh no, those were cliffs).  My urge to visit Wales again is growing ever stronger – sadly I can’t tag along with Mr B2 that weekend as Blonde One and I have a Duke of Edinburgh expedition on Dartmoor to lead.  Although there is still much of Dartmoor left to explore, it would be great to go further afield and push ourselves out of our comfort zone a bit.

So come on someone – please can your organise us a “Welsh Walk Thing” for next year?  We would be the first to sign up … promise.