By: Blonde Two

And there it was.  March has marched its marching way into the Two Blondes’ history books already.  Do you remember dear Blondees and Blondettes, that at the beginning of this fair month, I was telling you about how busy it was going to be and how we weren’t sure that we would be able to cope?

Well it was busy (boy was it busy) but was it “Triumph” or “Disaster”?  I really can’t work it out … see what you think;

Triumph? – Ten Tors training this weekend (strong teams emerging).

Disaster? – Ten Tors training last weekend (nearly lost two teams).

Triumph? – A fantastic day out with Dartmoor Rescue (our kids impressed).

Disaster? – Blonde Two is made redundant (watch this space for exciting future).

Triumph? – Gold DofE team “cycle” to the Isle of Man to raise expedition funds.

Disaster? – None of the kids give either Blonde chocolates on Mother’s Day.

Triumph? – An exciting thing to do with walking boots that we can’t tell about.

Disaster? – Blonde Two nearly caught with her trousers down by a parent.

Triumph? – Two sleeping bagged Blondes giggling hysterically at 4.30 a.m.

Well, what do you think.  We are not sure that we want to do a month like that again but it has certainly been an adventure and not a bit boring.  Laughing and crying seem to be two sides of the same Blonde coin – just flip in up in the air and see which way the Dartmoor Gods want it to land.  We are at their mercy but remember, it is not working out whether things are “Triumph” or “Disaster” that counts but whether or not you manage to, “Treat those two impostors just the same.”