By: Blonde Two

Well that lovely relaxing sunny bank holiday weekend is over.  This Blonde is back in Devon and, as if in preparation for the Ten Tors Challenge next weekend, as we crossed the border it was misty and very wet.

This week is a pretty big week for the Two Blondes.  Preparation began a long time ago for Ten Tors.  Usually I am just in charge of bacon and hot chocolate but this year there are a whole host of other things requiring, a) thinking about in the middle of the night, b) remembering the next day and c) writing on lists.

As you might imagine, I now have a considerable pile of lists.  These include;

The “food shopping” list – keeps growing and should have been ordered by now.

The “jobs” list – is at last shrinking but that in itself is worrying me.

The “young people list” – I think I know this one off by heart now.

The “strange names for hoodies” list – I had to write this one down, it is very odd!

The “who wants what from the chip shop” list – possibly the most important.

The “equipment list” – this is never ending as you can never have enough kit!

The “staff” list – this is far too short.

In true Blonde style, all of these minor lists are covered by the umbrella of the “Master List”.  This superlist has been created on a computer and backed up several times.  It is protected by an encryption so unique that even I can’t recall it without a glass of gin and tonic in my hand.  This list is so magnificent that I suspect that at any minute it will develop an intelligence far superior to any Blonde currently living on this planet and take over Dartmoor, Ten Tors Challenge and possibly the World-of-Blonde.

If you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, I have been swallowed whole by my own list.  I will keep my whistle to hand from now on, just in case.  If you should hear a feeble six blows emitting from a giant piece of paper, get your scissors out, it will be a Blonde in distress!