By: Blonde Two

You know how some people take gap years (I took a gap month once) and spend a year living out of bags, sleeping in uncomfortable places and eating strange food?  Well I think Blonde One and I have done that this year.  We got it a bit wrong though and took our gap year at the same time as doing our day jobs.  Half of all of our weekends in the last twelve months have had some kind of expedition in them and we were away from home for thirteen days this month.

Since we came back from the Isle of Man (although it has been odd not seeing Blonde One), I have had a marvellous time simply because I have had some time.  I have pottered from house job to garden job to watching the Commonwealth Games to dozing off (did quite a lot of that) to the shops and then back to house job again.  I didn’t plan anything at all in any of my days (this was very weird). I am not sure how long this level of relaxation would be able entertain me, and neither am I going to find out, because tomorrow Mr Blonde Two and I are heading for Europe, Austria to be specific.  A destination plucked out of the air by me a few months ago because of the mountains and lakes but not really considered that carefully or examined in too much detail.

This lack of planning is, in many ways, a refreshing change for one of a pair of avid Blonde planners.  On our last trip, I had even written down what we were going to eat! The “non-plan” is also a bit (a lot) scary.  We are going for three weeks and have accommodation booked for only one.  We have a truck we can sleep in and a little stove.  I have a smattering of French and German (more likely Ferman or Grench) but they haven’t been used for many years.  We have lots of maps and even more “important” pieces of paper (these may or may not constitute planning).

We may or may not arrive at our first destination on Saturday, I may or may not be able to let you know how the travelling went.  Until then, I have left a couple of dawn related musings for you to digest (I promise not to test you on them).  You may, or may not want to read them.  Bon Feiertage!