By: Blonde Two

It is unusual for a lady to introduce one important man in her life to another; but last weekend, I introduced Mr Blonde Two to Mr Bowerman.

For reasons that will one day become clear, I have told Mr B2 an awful lot about ‘Ignatius’ (we christened him that to keep the geologists happy) and he was very keen for the meeting to take place.

Ignatius Bowerman was once a fierce and brave hunter; turned to stone by cunning witches, he stands now resplendent on Hayne Down. He is one of my favourite Dartmoor landscapes, and more commonly known as ‘Bowerman’s Nose’.

Bowerman Mist 1

Mr B2 was the first to spot Mr Bowerman, who was an impressive sight as he loomed at us out of the mist. I think that he was pleased to see us, he can’t have had many visitors on that particular damp afternoon. I pleased to say that both gentlemen behaved impeccably, here they are shaking hands!

Bowerman Mist 3

Of course, I do have a secret soft spot for ‘Ignatius’; we have had had many deep and interesting conversations, and he has a wide ranging knowledge of all things Dartmoor (he has lived there for a very long time). As we left, I sneaked in a little kiss, I hope Mr B2 didn’t mind.

Bowerman Mist 4