By: Blonde Two

Blondees and Blondettes, we are pleased to announce that, for this weekend and this weekend only, the Two Blondes will become Four Blondes.  Although we are usually very capable of taking on most of the world as a pair, we are particularly thrilled that both Little-Miss-Blonde (offspring of Blonde One) and Six-Foot-Blonde (offspring of Blonde Two) will be joining us at Ten Tors camp.

Both Little-Miss-Blonde and Six-Foot-Blonde are Ten Tors veterans.  In fact, Six-Foot was the reason for my first meeting with Blonde One – he uttered the words, “My Mum will makes great bacon sandwiches.” and our Blonde fate was sealed.  That was some years ago but I was looking through his kit the other day and found several Ten Tors t-shirts and a few other rather odd souvenir treasures.


We think that Six-Foot-Blonde and Little-Miss-Blonde have met before but this will be the first time that all four of us have been in the same place at once.  We haven’t written a risk assessment and I am starting to think that we should have done – surely the World-of-Normal-People isn’t ready for such an explosion of Blonditude.  I am imagining paradoxes, event horizons and even Wombles (I mean wormholes).

If you should be up at Ten Tors camp this weekend and see a brand new, large white mess tent that is pulsating and glowing eerily, you will know that you have found the Four Blondes.  I would suggest either a hazmat suit or keeping your distance!