By: Blonde Two

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I told you the story of how I acquired my second pair of Meindl Burmas last Wednesday. It was a drawn out tale, and you all deserve to hear the  happily wagging ending.

When the parcel containing my new boots arrived from my boot saviours, e-outdoor, I was relieved to say the least. I had been without my own boots for far too long, and it had been a wrench to leave my old pair in New Zealand. Like a good Blonde, I wore the new ones around the house for a few days; but maybe not for the same reason as most people.

Domestic servitude - kitchen floor washing.

Domestic servitude – kitchen floor washing.

Any good outdoor company will allow you to take your new walking boots home, and wear them inside for a few days to make sure that they fit well. I wore mine inside for a few days because they were so comfy that I didn’t want to take them off. I knew that they would be, the last pair were, which is why I went to such lengths to track my new ones down, and found them here.

And a well-deserved cup of coffee.

And a well-deserved cup of coffee.

Everyone knows that walking boots need breaking in, if they are not going to give you blisters. We Blondes have seen the very un-pretty results of having to buy new boots the week before a 55 Mile Ten Tors Challenge; poor old Numbers had to wear flip flops for a long time after that! I however have only had one short Dartmoor walk to date in mine. I am not too worried though. The last pair’s first outing was a Ten Tors training day, and I didn’t have so much as a red patch. This level of comfort is almost certainly down to the ‘memory foam’ lining of the boot which moulds itself to your foot.

Unlike the memory foam on my new bed mattress which has taken a bit of getting used for a girl who is happy on a Thermarest; Meindl Burmas don’t give up any stiffness or support for their considerable comfort. The upper is strong enough to protect the most delicate of ankle (mine are particularly dodgy) and won’t twist, even when you slip off those Dartmoor tussocks.

Other things I love about my Burmas (no apologies for gushing here, a girl’s best friend on the moor is her boots):

The bellows tongue which allows for my not so delicate ankles whilst preventing any water seepage.

The fact that my last pair kept my feet dry for three years, whilst everyone else’s toes were wrinkling.

The grippy sole which also gives enough bounce to make road walking less of a chore.

The fact that they are blue and nubuck now, but will soon be rugged and muddy.

Their first trip - to the Dartmoor Christmas Tree.

Their first trip – to the Dartmoor Christmas Tree.

The fact that they are mine!

So a mega thanks to e-outdoor for providing me these boots when other companies could not. Their website is worth a look; they have an interesting collection, and are very helpful. Be prepared to sift through a bit and you will find some bargains.