By: Blonde Two

I nearly managed my day off … here is an experiment with shorter blog posting …

Like many parts of this fair isle, the place names of Dartmoor, in particular the tors, are intriguing to say the least.  When you say them out loud, they have an almost musical quality.  At Ten Tors weekend, as leaders fret over their teams’ progress, the tor names become mantras to which to cling.  People can be heard all over camp chanting them;  “Sourton, Kitty, Chat … Lynch, Mis, Staple … Sittaford, White, Beardown …”.

With recent route changes, there will be some necessary relearning of these well weathered lyrics this year.  If we are not careful, the honey-like flow will be lost in the confusion of new visitors to the musical feast.  “Holming Beam, Fernworthy, Postbridge …” equally intriguing but arguably less mellifluous.

I was surprised, when route planning yesterday, how happy writing lists of tors made me feel, it didn’t take long before I was reciting them out loud.  It takes a few days after Ten Tors weekend before I can stop them playing in my head.