By: Blonde One

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We Blondes like a legend. We are very good at recalling them to interested others and also enjoy making up our own. We know Dartmoor legends quite well, but on our trip to the Peak District we got to find out a new set of legends. The one about Mermaid’s Pool is quite good.

Mermaid’s Pool is to be found down a steep drop as you walk between Kinder Downfall and Kinder Low. We didn’t walk down to it, but it looked like the kind of pool that would evoke all kinds of mysterious legends and myths. It’s there in the photo above if you look very closely!

Copyright Ordnance Survey 2016

Copyright Ordnance Survey 2016


Legend has it that if you go to Mermaid’s Pool at Easter Eve you will be granted immortality if the mermaid likes the look of you. If she doesn’t like the look of you, you will be lured to your death by her singing. If you are brave enough to bathe in the pool’s waters it is reported to have healing properties.

The water in this lake is said to be salinated because of its connection to the Atlantic by an underground passage! Folklore has it that animals won’t drink from it and birds won’t fly over it.

The Two Blondes (we think) are going to live forever anyway so we didn’t need to go any closer to investigate!