By: Blonde Two

It looks like my midsummer bivvi plans have been scuppered by the arrival of some very  unwelcome visitors at work and the consequently very long days.  I know that the days are supposed to be long at the moment but it would be nice to spend a little bit of them at home or out walking.

I shall have to have my midsummer adventure a bit late – if you think about it, that would be quite a Blonde thing to do.  Is it possible to get lost in a calendar as well as getting lost finding search and rescue teams?  Who would save you if you were lost in a calendar – maybe Doctor Who?

The good news is that I have borrowed a bivvi bag so all I have to do now is find a time to use it.  My week isn’t going to get any less busy and this weekend, we have promised Six-Foot-Blonde that we will go up North to Todmorden to visit him for his birthday (down here in Devon, everywhere apart from Cornwall is either Up-Country or Up-North).

We are stopping at my Mum’s in Malvern on the way so I suppose I could upset the Malvern Hills Conservators by sneaking up there for a quick one (no comment on whether or not I ever sneaked up there for a quick one in my youth!)  Or maybe Six-Foot-Blonde has a garden in Up-North-Land.

I will have a think about it – it is a shame really because the weather is just fine and dandy right now.  I promise that I will let you knowDSC_1074 when I finally get the bivvi session in, and I will include lots of pictures.  In the meantime, I am sitting on my bed writing tomorrow’s blog post watching the sunset over Haytor. Work may be truly horrid at the moment but it is only for a few days and when I look towards Dartmoor, I can see that despite the Two Blonde’s own bit of midsummer madness, all is still right with the world.