By: Blonde Two

Back in early March Blonde One and I had a wonderful time doing all kinds of outdoor activities with the team from Land & Wave activity centre in Dorset. It started in their woodland with what has to be my favourite safety briefing ever… I didn’t record the exact words but it went something like this.

‘Fires are hot, arrows are spiky and falling over guy ropes hurts.’

I must have been too distracted by the session of ‘Ultimate Cheeseboard’ that followed to take a sensible amount of notice of this excellent and descriptive warning because later, when B1 and I were having fun making fire with birch bark and char cloth, I managed to introduce my finger to a flame in a rather Blonde manner. My fingers are lucky to be with me at the moment because the other day I almost chopped one in half thinking it was a slug!

I am usually (well sometimes) in control of my mouth but the video below gives some clue to my reaction!