By: Blonde One


If you have been paying attention to Twitter (I don’t normally call it Twitter, but don’t feel that I can use my alternative here) lately you will have noticed a few photos appearing of some little Lego men. It has been suggested to the Two Blondes that we could replace all of our safety and first aid type kit in our bags with just a Search and Rescue Lego man. This seems to us to be a very good option as year after year we seem to ram more and more kit into our rucksacks. If we went for the Lego man option we could swap our 36 litre bags for a 5 litre one (if such a thing exists). Not only would this be great whilst we are on the hills, but it would also mean another shopping trip! If we had this Lego man then we would be rescued from any potential serious situation in the usual swift and efficient way. It’s a good plan, don’t you think?

As with most blonde plans, however, there is a flaw! We don’t have a Search and Rescue Lego man! In an effort to correct this flaw I bought us both a ‘lucky dip’ style Lego man pack. We opened these packets whilst at Foxtor Café (obviously) in eager anticipation. Alas though, we were disappointed. There was no rescue man for us. Blonde Two had to be satisfied with a very odd little welder man, who quite frankly, looked a bit sinister. My Lego man was equally disappointing and wasn’t even a man! I was stuck with an Austrian bakery girl holding a giant pretzel! Bizarre, but at least she is blonde! At least now though, Blonde Two will never have to take her welding gear out on the hills with her and I can quite confidently leave my pretzels at home.Lego men

We will try again with another lucky dip but not too often as they’re £2 a go. We could end up spending a fortune!