By: Blonde One

Part of the Two Blondes preparation for our Gold DofE trip to the Isle of Man is to load the minibus. We have 8 people (all adult size), a very very large tent, 8 large bags, 8 small(er) bags and the usual paperwork mountain. Not to mention sweets, pillows, books, cameras and Shed Ted the DofE Bear. As the driver it is apparently my responsibility (I’m fast going off that word) to make sure that the bus is safely loaded for the ‘comfort and safety of my passengers’. This is going to be no mean feat and will require patience and a logical approach. Normally bus loading is left to our 3 Young Leaders who do a fantastic job but I think this time will have to be different. I’m imagining lots of packing and unpacking, trial and error and a few swear words thrown in for good measure. I have been a little anxious about this task for quite some time and as the day approaches I have tried to reassure myself that it will be easier than I think!!!! In my more positive moments I envisage having room to spare and find myself wishing that I had brought more shoes. Little Miss Blonde has reminded me that every week after a trip to the supermarket she loves to hand over the job of ‘fridge Tetris’ and watches in amazement as the seemingly impossible task of loading the fridge is completed.

I’ll let you know how the Blonde game of ‘bus Tetris’ goes!