By: Blonde Two

Today, the Two Blondes have a slightly unusual outing to Dartmoor planned.  Will we be taking a group of youngsters on an expedition? – No!  Will we be going for a lovely Blonde Bimble? – No!  Will we be having a cuppa at Foxtor Cafe? – Well probably!

You will remember that Blonde One has taken her many tests and is now qualified to drive our lovely rental minibus.  Well the day is looming near when we will need to put actual real live kids in the back of it and today we are going on a dummy Dartmoor run.

It would be fun if we had some actual dummies to strap in the back of the bus.  We could label them – “Singing Child”, “Sleeping Child” (often all of them on the way home), “Hung Over Child” and “Vomiting Child” (so far always out of the window).  However we have no dummies so it will just be Blondes One and Two who undertake today’s minibus adventure.

As ever, we have organised distinct roles for ourselves.  Blonde One’s role is pretty easy to grasp – she is going to drive, negotiate small stone bridges, reverse down lanes, practise parking and worry about scraping the side of the bus.

My role is a bit more difficult to define.  I think I am supposed to be – sticking my head out of the window so that I know if we are touching a stone wall (ouch!), standing outside the bus and shouting “left-hand down” (tricky for someone who has to think about which hand is which), navigating (absolutely no comments allowed from people in red jackets!) and pulling wing mirrors in without actuall pulling them off.

It is a lovely sunny day so we can do this in style and wear our sunglasses.  There is sure to be an inordinate amount of giggling!  I hope nobody notices our lack of youngsters.  We will look like fugitives off to pick up a load of escapees from Princetown Prison.  While we are up there, I am fairly sure that a visit to Foxtor Cafe for a drink and something nice to munch will come into the plan.

Blonde One has a bit of a worry about Hexworthy Bridge so if you can’t get throught that way tonight, you will now know why.  We are supposed to be going to a quiz tonight with some of the lovely chaps from Dartmoor Rescue.  If we get stuck or lost, I am guessing that they won’t be at the quiz either.  If we don’t, maybe we should pick them all up in the minibus!