By: Blonde Two

Let’s think, shall we, about all of the things that a Blonde needs to do before she goes up to Dartmoor to wild camp. There is a tent to prepare, dinner to select (this is very important), a stove to pack, a titanium spork to find, 30 jackets to assemble, torch batteries to organise, a sleeping bag to talk to (Big Orange likes a chat), walking boots to remember, gaiters to shake the dirt off, waterproofs to forget (only once), a flask to tea-up, an annoying water thingy to fill, lambs to visit, a truck to fuel, a dog to walk, a rucksack to organise, wet wipes to buy and a hat selection to make.


‘Lambs to visit’? Is that entirely normal before a wild camping trip?

Well of course it isn’t; but last night, before I met Blonde One and the gang for a night up on Dartmoor, I went to meet a friendly lady farmer and some of her new lambs. I’ll tell you more about it another day!