By: Blonde Two

Well, dear Blondees and Blondettes, the life of the Two Blondes has been getting very exciting over the last couple of days.  We have written a guest blog (tell you about that when it goes live), sent off an article to a Dartmoor Magazine (tell you more when I know) and been invited to launch an event (sadly the day job has got in the way).  All this is making us feel quite the celebrities – we are planning our red carpet outfits as we speak.

By far the most exciting happening this week, however, has been the successful launch of the Two Blondes Mobile T-Shirt on a global journey back from New Zealand to Devon that will hopefully be eventful, adventurous and exciting.  Let me explain …

Mobile T-Shirt Wellington

We originally had the Mobile T-Shirt printed for Ten Tors weekend – the plan was that as many people as possible would wear it and post their photos on our Twitter feed.  I am not really sure why but at the time, it seemed like a fun idea.  If you cast your minds back to Ten Tors weekend, you will remember that we told you how utterly miserable the weather was for our poor teams struggling across Dartmoor.  Sadly, the horrid weather also had a pretty negative effect on our Mobile T-Shirt plans.  It was so awful that people stayed in their tents venturing out for only very necessary trips to the portaloo.  The Mobile T-Shirt remained packed in my bag for the whole weekend.

The Two Blondes are not to be easily beaten however, and I decided to bring the Mobile T- Shirt with me to New Zealand in order to find out if it is possible for a T-Shirt to take on adventure travel without an accompanying human.  The first task was to print out some instructions to be kept with the Mobile T-Shirt – they said something like – “Please take this Mobile T-Shirt on an interesting journey, we are hoping that it will find us back in Devon one day.”  That done, I needed to find the first person to pass the T-Shirt on to.  I decided that anyone over the age of 25 would probably not understand what on earth I was talking about so I contemplated, for a few days, the possibility of approaching a completely strange youngster with my suggestion.

Luckily, I was spared this embarrassing situation as there were a couple of lovely young people sharing the house in which I was sleeping in Wellington.  One of them agreed to take the T-Shirt on the first leg of its adventure – he didn’t know where he was going next – and then pass it on to someone else.

The picture above is hopefully the first of many posted by all sorts of people all over the world. The statue is an iconic Wellington landmark and is called “Solace in the Wind”. We didn’t mind lending him our Mobile T-Shirt for a while as he looked a bit “Cold in the Wind”!