By: Blonde Two

Blonde One and I have long been the victims of tent photo envy. This is a tricky to cure condition in which the sufferer observes other people’s night time tent photos and then fails to recreate that ‘glowing tent’ look.

Well… for one night only, we were both absolutely certain that we have the best lit tent on Dartmoor!

We were out filming for Channel 4 (as you do) and, as the light dropped, the crew started to use a pair of very snazzy (and large) lights, one outside and one inside the tent. We were thrilled with the effect these gave and took lots of photos. We were even more thrilled when it was suggested that we could keep one of the lights overnight. Never has a tent felt so cosy or Blondes looked so well lit in their sleeping bags. We felt truly spoiled and spent a lot of time messing around with our temporary toy.


The light-fantastic element of the evening was capped by a stunning ‘fireworks display’, kindly organised for us by the Army on the hill opposite.


If you want to make sure that you don’t wander accidentally into Army live firing on Dartmoor, you might want to read this!