By: Blonde Two

No mash here (although it is a favourite Blonde food). Just B2’s new inventive way of eating baked beans without needing to wash up the bowl.

Camping Baked Bean Recipe

1 tin of baked beans, 2 rashers of bacon, 1 stick of salami-type sausage, 1 wrap, a bit of marmite

  1. Empty baked beans into a pan
  2. Chop up bacon (or vegetarian equivalent) and add to the beans (have some water ready to wash your hands)
  3. Chop up salami-type sausage and add this to the pan (use your teeth if you have run out of knives)
  4. Heat the beans gently but for longer than you usually would (nobody likes raw bacon)
  5. Spread marmite thinly on a wrap (use the spoon you are going to eat with)
  6. Cover the bottom and sides of your bowl with the wrap (marmite side in)
  7. Tip your heated beans and bacon mixture into the wrap
  8. Spoon the first 3/4 of the bacon and beans mixture into your mouth (not all at once)
  9. Wrap the rest of the bacon and beans mixture up carefully and eat (even more carefully)
  10. Indicate your pleasure at your clean bowl by making loud ‘yum’ noises

Of course, you could always eat the bacon and beans straight out of the pan but that would represent an appalling lapse in manners and leave you with a rather dry and boring wrap!

And no… the marmite isn’t optional! #loveit