By: Blonde One

Anything goes on a Monday so, as you all head back to work, here’s something a little bit Blonde and a little bit outdoors to get you thinking.


If you go for a wander around the lanes and footpaths of Devon you almost certainly will eventually come across a disused lime kiln. You won’t find them on the map but they are well worth stopping to explore. These that I found on a recent walk are well preserved and even had a very informative notice board. They were used to turn limestone into quicklime. This quicklime could be very explosive when mixed with water so I was very surprised to find one kiln on the foreshore of the Dart river. Hopefully the staff knew what they were doing?!

Kilns fell out of use at about the time of the first world war, according to the information board, but I’m glad that there are so many left dotted around the Devon countryside.