By: Blonde Two

I’m not sure that ‘mash’ is the right verb for what you do with tomatoes but here in the Blonde Two household we currently have so many that I might give it a go. Thanks to some lovely seedlings from my sister and some fabulous summer weather, we have had a greenhouse full of tomatoes this year. For the last eight weeks or so I have been bringing in a handful a day and all of them have tasted delicious. Although I have dried some, I am not doing a very good job of preserving them because we are enjoying eating them so much.

So prolific have my tomatoes been that the greenhouse has been rather overcrowded. So much so that I caught this one trying to escape. He had managed to push the glass away from the frame and was in danger of breaking it when I caught him blushing in the corner. I managed to slide him out and we now have the perfect flat sandwich tomato adorning our tomato bowl.

You have heard of escapeas of course… but what should I call this one?