By: Blonde Two

When it is Monday and you have to mash things up for a blog post it can be helpful, when you are short on mashing ingredients, to mash yourself up. Not physically you understand. A couple of weeks ago I mashed all of my life time swimming experiences into one short talk at a local beach cafe (the best beach cafe in Torbay) The evening was in celebration of our seafood coast and I did the talk in exchange for the most delicious seafood pizza I have every eaten (there is something entirely amusing about munching in the dark and then realising that the delicate morsel you have enjoyed the most was in fact octopus!)

It all went fairly well. I explained my swimming life stages (summary below) and for each stage donned a relevant swimming-based prop.

  • Girlhood – not a lot of swimming, some standing in buckets (armbands)
  • Teenagehood – swimming challenges in Guernsey and my red bikini falling off (red bikini)
  • Motherhood – sailing, kayaking, canoeing… swimming because I had fallen in (buoyancy aid)
  • Middleagehood – now entering my third season of winter swimming (orange neoprene hat)

I ended up looking a tad strange, feeling a tad sweaty but being in no danger whatsoever of sinking in the puddles outside… Meet Aqua Woman…