By: Blonde Two

Do you have a favourite Dartmoor story or superstition? Although we love map reading, we Blondes are always careful to be polite to the pixies in case we end up pixie led. Mind you we also talk to a rock called Bowerman and a lonely Christmas Tree, so maybe the pixies have had their impact after all.

If you would like to share your favourite Devon or Dartmoor superstitions, you might be interested in this National Trust ‘Share Your Superstitions’ project to gather together as much UK folklore as possible.



Dartmoor at night can be very exciting. If you have a few map and compass skills already and would like to try your hand at night navigation, we have a night navigation course running on the evening of Friday November 8th (£40). Come along, find out if you can see in the dark, and then learn how to find your way when you can’t.

Dartmoor Navigation Courses