By: Blonde One

Anything goes on a Monday so, as you all head back to work, here’s something a little bit Blonde and a little bit outdoors to get you thinking.

Dartmoor is looking very attractive at this time of year (or any time of year for that matter!) because the heathers are all flowering. The summer on Dartmoor tends to be very green and the winter is often so shrouded in mist that who know what it looks like! In the autumn Dartmoor has a beautiful blanket of yellow and purple heather.

There are three main types of heather that grow on Dartmoor: the bell heather, common ling heather and cross leaved. Mostly the cross-leaved is found in boggy areas. All of these heathers are important for the habitat that they provide for all sorts of birds and insects.

What are you waiting for? Get Outside and see for yourself.