By: Blonde Two

I had a day of working from the campervan on Dartmoor last week. I really enjoyed the fresh air and being out in my favourite place but didn’t get as much work done as I had planned… here is my list of Dartmoor distractions…

The River Dart
Always distracting from a looking-at point of view, this time the Dart offered a distraction in the form of a chilly but wonderful swim. Did you know that autumn leaves fall underwater too?

Sharp Tor
Once parked in a car park, it is difficult to remember that you are there to work not play. I was out of the van and up the tor before I could say ‘invoice’.

Cuppas and biscuits
I don’t usually eat biscuits but when a friend is around and chatting is happening, a campervan is absolutely the best place to relax.

Dartmoor ponies
Dartmoor ponies have to be the ultimate distraction. This lot were having an evening canter past the Pork Hill car park. The funniest though were the sheep that decided to run with them.

The campervan
Campervans are like little houses and, although I hate housework at home, there is always a leaf to be picked off the floor, an egg to be boiled or (in our case) curtain hooks to be fixed back on.

Still the digital nomad try-outs are starting to go well…