By: Blonde Two

Strange tent visitations aren’t a regular occurrence in the life of a Blonde and, when they do happen, they are mostly animal related. However I do feel the urge to report to you an most unprecedented event that happened during a recent DofE expedition (I guess you could argue that this one was animal related as well).

We (DofE ladies) had settled down for the night inside layers of clothes, sleeping bags, a bivvy bag (me) and a rather splendid bell tent, which, as well as serving as the ladies’ dormitory, had been pitched to be the staff shelter. Our chatter had just started to quieten down when the door opened and a chap entered, sat down on one of the chairs and proceeded to eat a rather delicious-smelling but pungent goat curry.

Luckily we knew the chap, who had just returned from a meeting to join us in supporting the 25 plus youngsters we had scattered around the field. Many goat jokes ensued but it was this comment from the curry eater himself that made me laugh the most.

‘I fell out with goats when they ate my socks in Guatemala.’

I tell you, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!