By: Blonde One

Anything goes on a Monday so, as you all head back to work, here’s something a little bit Blonde and a little bit outdoors to get you thinking.

Dartmoor’s clapper bridges are well worth a further look as they often contain interesting information.

This one crosses the Becka Brook just below Haytor and is set in the most pretty of locations. A walk down from Haytor over the Brook and up the other side will take you straight onto the very well known bluebell fields of Holwell Lawn. The clapper bridge here is quite recent and bears a plaque informing us of the people that made it happen.

The one below crosses the Dean Burn just West of Buckfastleigh. Its inscription isn’t quite as easy to read though. The date 1972 is clear on one of the slabs but the date above it, 1702 perhaps, is difficult to decipher. The spot is pretty too and very inviting for a picnic, paddle or just a few photos.