By: Blonde Two

Not so much a Monday Mashup this week as a Monday stew up. Here in the B2 household we have been doing a bit of harvesting and hedgerow foraging (as well as some permissive garden foraging). Here’s what we have been up to:

  • Blackberry picking (crumble)
  • Apple scrumping (apple cake and frozen apple sauce)
  • Fennel seed collecting (dried and in pots)
  • Tomato harvesting (daily – multiple sauces and dinners)
  • Garlic harvesting (plaited and hung up to dry)
  • Bean picking (parboiled and frozen)
  • Oregano picking (bunched and hung up to dry)

I have to say that if I was into eating snails, I would have pickled those by now too. We have far to many in the vegetable garden. Still gardening really is a great way to get outside, and if you grow vegetables, you get to eat the results of your efforts too. What could be better?