By: Blonde One

Anything goes on a Monday so, as you all head back to work, here’s something a little bit Blonde and a little bit outdoors to get you thinking.

If you’re looking for the perfect picnic spot on a walk out from the Avon Reservoir then look no further than next to the fabulously understated Huntingdon Cross. It’s quite a short cross by Dartmoor’s standards but if perfectly formed and seemed to suit the description of ‘cute’ that it was recently given. There’s plenty to explore in this area including the remains of the Chapel that gave us a bit of a fright on a night walk. This spot though was perfect for lunch. We found a sofa (flat rock) to sit on. We had a – sheltered from the wind – cushioned back rest (moss and lichen covered stone wall). We had a fine view down past the cross to the Avon Reservoir.