By: Blonde Two

For this week’s Monday Mashup I am going to demonstrate to you, once again, why leaving the car behind and walking is something we should all try to do as often as possible. I live at what is very nearly the top of Torbay. It would be a short walk to the town centre (Torquay) and the seafront if it wasn’t for the rather large hill in between us. Despite being an urban and sometimes litter-strewn walk, I have mostly stopped driving to town and have been enjoying instead having time to appreciate the views of the harbour and bay. Last Friday was no exception and I set off down the usual footpath and steps only to find that, not only was I being warmed by the sun and treated to sunlight on the sea, I was being serenaded by trumpets.

The sound was wafting up from the high street and, as if to capture my mood perfectly, the tune was Wonderful World… it was and I wouldn’t have even heard the music from the car. I was encouraged by my experience to walk a much longer loop that took me past the trumpet players, where I made a donation and thanked them. There was still a big hill between me and home but I whistled all the way up it!

Just another day when getting outside was the right thing to do!