By: Blonde Two

For this week’s Monday Mashup we would like to make an important announcement. We think we have found the Whomping Willow! (If you don’t know what the Whomping Willow is then you don’t know enough about wizards!)

To be fair, on closer inspection you may notice that this stunning example of arboreal delight is neither whomping (luckily for us) nor a willow but it definitely is a tree and a splendid one at that. It isn’t often that tree identities fail me but, with only a few leaves just starting to emerge and no autumnal evidence left on the ground (very tidy places golf courses) I shall have to leave its exact genetic identity as a mystery. If you want to do your own bit of detective work, you will have to get yourself off up to Shrigley Hall Hotel in Macclesfield. Do let us know if you find out… and definitely let us know if you think there are any more Whomping Willows out there.