By: Blonde Two

For this week’s Monday Mashup we would like to say an enormous thank you to the folks at Ordnance Survey (OS Leisure) who organised and ran our recent Get Outside Champions event. We had an amazing time and came back much better at:

Shooting each other with arrows (foam-tipped ones)
Using social media (don’t mention algorithms)
Throwing axes (not at each other)
Smiling (everyone)
Coming second (arrows)
Navigating (hotel corridors)
Standing in gold glittery lifts
Deciding exactly what the word ‘casual’ means in reference to dinner (muddy boots?)
Lighting candles (excellent advice from the guys)
Sitting on trains (we ended up in 1st Class on the way home)
Watching peacocks (and disinterested peahens)
Remembering cash for taxis (the second time)
Admiring snow (we had to be quick)
Borrowing (but not quite understanding) GPS units
Wearing orange (we are now experts at this)

Sometimes it is after events like these that you stop and really appreciate the time and effort that has gone into them. Right down to the last detail, we felt really well looked after…



Let’s do it all again sometime!