By: Blonde One

Part of the preparation for the Gold DofE trip to the Isle of Man later this week is to get all the gadgets ready. This includes cables for charging, music players, tablets (not the pain killer kind), cameras and battery packs. I have long been a fan of the Power Traveller company but I’ve recently had a bit too much contact with them. I’ve had a Power Monkey for a few years now and it has faithfully accompanied me on various trips, both home and abroad. It has been a reliable source of power for my phone and got me out of a few sticky situations. Recently though it has been going on strike and refusing to work. It has been sent back to be very quickly returned in full working order … but only for a few seconds. After it has switched on once, it then refuses to work again. I am just about to send it back for the third time! You might think that I am a bit miffed and annoyed by all of this but I am in fact quite the contrary. Each time Power Traveller have returned it, they have included a neat little free gift: amusingly called Monkey Nuts. I now have an adapter for the iPod – very useful if the Two Blondes feel the need for an emergency sing-along. The most recent Monkey Nut though is by far the best … I am now the proud owner of a UV meter!! After just a few seconds exposed to daylight the clever little gadget will tell me how high the UV is. Brilliant! As with most gadgets in my possession, I’m not really sure what this one will be useful for but it’s clever nonetheless.

I am very much hoping that the Power Monkey will continue to refuse to work!