By: Blonde Two

Can you see us?

The answer to this questions is likely to be in the negative, but there is a chance that you might be able to … just one of us that is. You would have to be standing on something very high indeed to catch a glimpse of both Blondes right now; a planet maybe, or perhaps the moon would do. You could (because you love being outside) maybe climb Mons Huygens (the highest mountain on the moon – but not the highest point) and give the pair of us a wave.

Or you could resign yourself to a viewing of just one Blonde. You would have to choose which one, and which adventure you would like to observe. Do you want to stomp through the snows of Scotland with Blonde One, firm in your conviction that you know the difference between a crampon and a tampon? Or would you prefer to splosh through the valleys of Wales with Blonde Two, bellowing ‘Men of Harlech’ and ‘Guide Me Oh Thou Great Jehovah’ as you go?

The choice, as they declare on Dartmoor, is yours. They will have to declare this very loudly on Dartmoor at the moment, because we are not there. We are not there and we are not together. But fear not, Mr Welsh (who is not in Wales) and Running Girl (who I hope will not be running) will look after us; and soon we will be home and telling you all about our ‘overseas’ adventures.