By: Blonde Two

I just got my diary out and looked at July again … before I go on, I should perhaps qualify that Blonde One is, in effect my diary keeper.  She is much more organised about dates than I am.  The only time I can remember doing dates myself, I ended up needing to be in a hotel on Exmoor and a bunkhouse on Dartmoor at the same time!

Anyway, the combined Blonde Diary for July is looking a bit expeditiony!  I have counted up the days numerous times now and nothing changes, the Two Blondes will be out on expedition for a grand total of fifteen of July’s fair days and nights.

There are obviously lots of good things about this fact; lovely youngsters, being outside, visiting new places, minibus singing (some might not appreciate this), excuses to eat pasties, Big Orange (my sleeping bag), friendship and lots and lots of laughter.  There are also some other, not so good things that I think some of our stay-at-home colleagues might not always appreciate; time away from family can be tricky, 17 hour days can be very tiring, rain is never really that much fun no matter how much we Blondes pretend it is, balancing “having fun” with “following the rules” can be stressful and eventually even the hardiest of girls craves her own toilet.  There are also the hours and hours that go into leaving the day job in a fit state to be managed without you – luckily we have both become quite good at that!

I am looking forward to it all and for Blonde One, the end of day fifteen (which will be a very long day) will mark the summit of her “Trip Mountain”.  Let’s hope she will feel like celebrating by the end of it all.  She will certainly deserve to!