By: Blonde Two

Have you ever considered which month is your favourite one in which to be outdoors? The weather is lovely and summery at the moment (cue rain storms) and the evenings are light.  Camping in this weather means sitting out watching the stars, barbecues and the Blondes only needing one four season sleeping bag to keep warm at night (one each that is!).  All this would suggest that July is the month to be in.

Wait a minute though Blondees and Blondettes, wind that year clock forward and let’s take a look at October.  Dartmoor is soaking wet, the wind is blowing, Blonde hair is at its most straggly and the Blondes are wandering around in the dark.  But are the Two Blondes frowning?  No they are not.  You ask Blonde One and she will tell you that her favourite Dartmoor weather is wind and rain (even uphill rain).  There is something about battling the elements that makes a girl feel completely and absolutely alive.

Or how about January?  One of my first Dartmoor wild camps was in January as was my first accidental swim (kayaking) in the Dart.  If you have never woken up with ice coating the outside of your tent then you should try it.  Not because it is a pleasant experience shivering all night, but because relatively few people have done it and talking about the experience afterwards from the warmth of your sofa makes you feel like a true adventurer.

If you are a Two Blonde, the good news is that you no longer have to choose your favourite month for being outside because you are outside in all of them anyway.  We haven’t camped every month this year though – January was camp free.  I think I feel a new challenge coming on for 2015.  Maybe a camp in the same Dartmoor spot for each month of the year.  Are you up for it Blonde One?