By: Blonde Two

On Wednesday night, I had a rather odd moon experience.  I don’t know if it was the same everywhere but round our parts, there was a lovely, yellow and unusually large moon.  It seemed like a very good idea to take a picture of it so, camera in hand, I wandered along the road to get a good view.

It is a little known phenomena that extra-moons are, like vampires, only visible with the naked eye and appear on camera as super-tiny moons.  Despite my best efforts zooming and adjusting, I couldn’t get a decent picture.  Very happy to have seen the extra-moon though, I set off back home with a smile on my face.


Not for long because I had only walked back along the road for about fifty metres when a large, shiny Audi zoomed up and pulled up, not alongside me, but across in front of me enough to almost cut my path off.  The owner, a flash looking young chap, put his window down and demanded to know why I had been taking photos of his house and was I a burglar casing the joint.  I was tempted to ignore him but as his manner was so aggressive and my path was blocked by his car, I explained that I was taking pictures of the moon and had he seen how lovely it was tonight?

Despite his eventually agreeing that I didn’t look like a burglar (obviously too young), when I tried to walk on, he repeated his car-path-blocking action.  At which point I played the very useful “frightened female” card (sorry boys but it won’t work for you) and told him to leave me alone because he was scaring me.  He eventually drove off, most likely to go and sit in front of his CCTV screen for another hour or so or play aggressive car driving games.

It just goes to show, a Blonde is much safer wandering around on a wild and empty Dartmoor in the dark than down her own street.