By: Blonde Two

Blonde One and I would like to say a huge thank you to Al and Lugs from Ashburton Dartmoor Rescue who hosted some of our Duke of Edinburgh and Ten Tors youngsters on Saturday.  We had a great time, there were vehicles, equipment, red t-shirts, fruit flapjack and a robin.  The Dartmoor Rescue teams are all volunteers and give up a huge amount of time so next time you see a collection box, please put some money in – or you can make a donation here


We all had the opportunity to have a go at a swift water rescue (without the water) with some throw-line practice.  I know from my kayaking days that I am pretty hopeless at this but I do think I did a fairly convincing “drowning Blonde” impression across the car park.  The kids looked fine and dandy dressed up in Personal Flotation Devices (I think these are the same as buoyancy aids) – I am pleased that they didn’t offer me one because I have always had trouble fitting a couple of bits of my anatomy into them.

After that, we were allowed to demobilise one of the youngsters on a stretcher.  It was tough choosing just one because they can all be a bit cheeky at times.  The others enjoyed fastening the straps up around this lad as tight as possible but were very well behaved and didn’t try to tip him off as they transported him around the car park.

It was a fabulous trip despite my getting lost on the way.  I am fairly convinced that I will never live that down, but it was very kind (or was it sarcastic) of them to give me a round of applause as I drove into the car park.  I have foolishly challenged the Dartmoor Rescue chaps to a “navigation-off” as a final chance to prove my navigation skills.  I imagine the Two Blondes will lose but it might be fun.

There was only one thing missing from this lovely afternoon and that was the famous Dartmoor Rescue red jackets.  I am guessing it was too warm for them or have the chaps heard a rumour that Red Jackets can send a girl all a-fluster?  I am making no comment on that whatsoever!