By: Blonde Two

You probably blinked and missed it but I had a, very brief, chat with Simon Bates on Radio Devon on Wednesday morning about why Dartmoor is such a great place to visit. (01:57:00 if you want to listen).Row Tor

We are very lucky to live in Devon and be so close to both the moors and the sea. Recent research by the National Trust has suggested that people are visiting our coastline less than they used to ten years ago; so is everybody visiting the moors instead?Bedruthan Steps 3

We Blondes don’t know the answer to that question; but, although we both like the beach; it is clear to us that Dartmoor is the better option of the two. Here are a few Blonde reasons why:

1.  When swimming on Dartmoor, you don’t get stung by a jellyfish.

2.  A Dartmoor picnic may be a bit damp but it rarely has sand in it.

3.  If you go to Dartmoor without shaving your legs, nobody can tell.

4.  You can’t walk far on a beach without drowning.

5.  Magazines don’t write about having a ‘Dartmoor-ready’ body.

6.  You can fit more kit into a rucksack than a beach bag.

7.  The skylarks on Dartmoor don’t try to steal your chips.

8.  The car parks are cheaper on Dartmoor.

9.  Sunburnt nipples are unusual on Dartmoor.

10. Seaweed smells worse than sheep-poo.

So, if you are visiting Devon this summer, you have made a wise decision; but make sure that you take a trip up to Dartmoor as well as sitting on the beach!