By: Blonde Two

When I was a girl, I used to sit up in Dad’s attic (we kept him up there) and watch him build his model aeroplanes. He had lots of interesting things on his walls but two stand out in my memory. One was a picture of a witch that I had drawn (he still has it), the other was a print of Escher’s lithograph “Relativity” with its impossible staircases.

The Two Blondes went out on Friday to try out a new Blonde Bimble for Active Dartmoor Magazine and I swear that it was a walk designed by Escher himself. Not because there were lots of stairs involved, but because we were both convinced that almost all of the walk was uphill.

We walked up lanes, up bridleways, up over some wild moorland, up a bank to avoid some cows and even up steps into the pub! I only counted four downhill sections in over four hours of walking.

Now, even a Blonde with limited maths skills can work out that a circular walk has to have  exactly the same amount of uphill as downhill. What goes up must come down, even when it is Blonde. Blonde One’s View Ranger even told us that the ups and downs matched exactly. But honestly guys, if you had been with us, you would understand, something was going horribly wrong with physics around North Bovey last Friday!

If you don’t believe us, you will have to find our next Bimble when it is published in Active Dartmoor and have a go at it for yourselves!