By: Blonde Two

Apologies for the overused homophone above but sometimes a Blonde just can’t resist!

Last year on the 29th April I went for a cheeky wild swim so this year when Mr Blonde Two read about someone wild swimming in a magazine and suggested that it might be fun, I knew exactly where to take him (no I am not going to tell you but if you read the rest of this week’s blog posts, you should get an idea).

It should be pointed out that last year, I managed exactly six strokes and one and a half minutes.  This hardly constituted a swim but the water was so cold that it felt like a “get out or die” kind of situation.  This year, either the water was warmer or I have been overdosing on adventurness and I managed to stay in for a whole three minutes and put my head under the water twice.  This was a bit of a mistake because the water was so clear that I could see all of the rocks on the bottom and started imagining what was underneath them.Underwater BlondeFor those of you who remember last year’s attempt, there were a few changing issues with my micro-towel and its micro-ability for changing coverage.  This year, I took a bigger actual-towel and managed a modicum of decency post-pool.  I would like to apologise to the gentleman who was clearly out for a quiet perambulation for my uncontrolled shrieking as I entered the water.