By: Blonde Two

There has been quiet excitement in both Blonde camps over the last couple of days. The Two Blondes are going to spend today and tomorrow “off-grid”.  Now I realise that “off-grid” has numerous meanings so, before you all panic and think we won’t be blogable, let me explain what it means in the World-of-Blonde.

In the head of a Dartmoor Blonde, anywhere that is not Dartmoor and therefore not on OL28 must be “Somewhere Else”, “Over There” or “Off-Grid”.  We have nearly wandered off OL28 by mistake a couple of times, Brent Tor for example, is clearly a tor (albeit made of different stoney stuff) and most definitely on Dartmoor but it is also, sadly in the realms of “Off-Grid”.

We aren’t going too far, just to visit the neighbours on Exmoor.  The official story is that this trip is a recce (as in reconnaissance) for our DofE Gold practice.  It will, of course, also be a recce (as in recreation) for both Blondes who need a bit of giggling time.  We do in truth, have some roads to measure regarding minibus capabilities.  The process is simple and goes a bit like this; Blonde One drives the Landy down a smallish lane, each Blonde sticks a hand out of their respective windows, if one loses a fingernail, the lane is too small for a minibus.  I bet a bloke never thought of doing that!