By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes were out in the rainy and windy on Dartmoor yesterday.  It was our third Ten Tors training walk and it really was rather wet.  There was water all over the ground, water flying out of the sky and quite a lot of water in quite a lot of people’s boots.

Oddly, all of this extreme weather was really good news because, having taught our new youngsters how beautiful and enjoyable Dartmoor is, it was time to show them that it can also be harsh and unforgiving.  We currently have nineteen excellent young people trying out for a team with only six places.  Choices that are going to be so difficult to make that we needed Dartmoor to kick start the selection process for us.

The cold and wet doesn’t always bring out the best in us and some of the youngsters were soon demonstrating symptoms of LMF (lack of moral fibre).  It was impossible to get fed up with them about this, they were cold, wet and, at times, completely out of their comfort zone.

Conversely, some of the youngsters (almost certainly future team members) surprised us by pulling a bit of moral fibre out of the bag just when we needed them to.  There are different definitions of moral fibre but I like “inner strength” the best.  It wasn’t the easiest of days to manage and not everything went to plan so I had to spin a bit of fibre of my own.  I wonder if those youngsters got home and, upon examination of their performance, felt as satisfied with it as I did with mine.