By: Blonde Two

Putting Dartmoor on TV

TV fame is on its way once more for the Two Blondes!

Have you been watching the More 4 documentary about Devon and Cornwall (helpfully called ‘Devon and Cornwall’). If you have, you will know that, although it is very popular, there is one aspect of the show that is niggling with viewers. This issue has caused much comment on social media and even earned the show time on the South West Spotlight news. I’m not going to tell you what people have been getting so worked up about but it is safe to say that we Blondes are glad that we didn’t go anywhere beginning with ‘h’ or see too many ‘orses’ whilst we were being filmed for the show.

More 4 Devon and Cornwall

Once you have tuned in (Mondays, More 4, 21:00) you will find out what the issue is, get used to it and then enjoy the wonderful Southwest inhabitants and the stunning Devon and Cornwall scenery. So far, amongst others, we have met a local (to me) thatcher, stylish bin men from Clovelly, some gorgeous Devonshire cows (who actually live in Cornwall), ‘ardy Dartmoor ‘ill farmers, tide-racing climbers, singing miners and a lady with an impressive flock.

Backpack camping on Dartmoor

I have been thoroughly enjoying the show and ‘meeting’ a few of the wonderful characters who live across our two counties. I can guarantee that you will also be enjoying it if you tune in on Monday May 6th (Bank Holiday Monday) because two rather attractive blondes will appear on your screens and guide you across Dartmoor (a short distance) with their maps and compasses, to a lovely wild camping spot. Having watched the series so far I think I will be the only star who wasn’t actually born in Devon… but hey-ho, I did admit to being a ‘blow-in’ on camera and think I have grown to love our fair county just as much as everybody else does.

Fame again! We love a bit of it… but what is more important is that we love exploring the South West, living in Devon and showing Dartmoor off even more!

Get Outside… you might even end up on TV!