By: Blonde One

It has been our pleasure and privilege again to be a part of the Moor Boots scheme run by the lovely people at the Dartmoor Preservation Society.

After a chance meeting in Princetown between the Two Blondes and the DPA last year, a scheme was born in order to assist youngsters participating In the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to fund equipment: namely boots. Some young people that we worked with received shiny new boots and took them all over the place last year: Torbay, Exmoor, the Isle of Man, but mostly Dartmoor. We all felt very lucky.

This year we were even more lucky when we were (amongst other schools) invited to participate again. Eight of our participants (Bronze and Gold) have received their boots and are very, very happy!

The boots were supplied (along with a pair of socks) and fitted by Cotswold Outdoor shop. John from the Dart’s Farm store visited us and spent some time fitting and giving advice to each recipient. He was very knowledgeable and gave some very important suggestions.

The Dartmoor Preservation Association do some very important work to keep our beautiful Dartmoor being just that: beautiful! They work hard to protect and preserve it, and just like the Two Blondes are keen to encourage the next custodians through schemes such as this. Have a look at their website and maybe get involved.

In the meantime: JP, FS, PH, the DPA … thank you very much!