By: Blonde One

The world needs more pastel colours I think. There’s far too much neon yellow, hot pink and vibrant red around. We need some soothing and calming mellow shades.

Luckily on my recent visit to the Isles of Scilly I discovered that they agreed!

There are very few cars on the road of St Mary’s (the main island) and even less traffic infringements. There is no need for a highway patrol but occasionally there is a need for some parking advice. The main road through the town is very small as you would expect and if the locals decide to park outside the Co-op to get their weekly shop then there is inevitably going to be some congestion. So it was decided to paint some yellow lines along the road to help keep things moving. Simple, you might think? But no. The very clever islanders thought that the bright yellow lines to be found on the mainland were too harsh for these beautiful islands and decided that their yellow lines would be primrose yellow instead.

I think you’ll agree that this is by far a more pleasing colour and easier on the eye!