By: Blonde One

The Two Blondes have had the date fixed for quite some time. On Saturday 10th September we were going to drive to a lovely location in East Devon to do a recce for a forthcoming walk. The day began well. Blonde Two arrived chez Blonde One in the hour of 10 as planned. That’s where the planning wasn’t quite as we’d expected. We ended up taking a trip to Cotswold Outdoor shop since it was almost on the way to our walking destination. I must say it was well worth the visit, as always.

This time we were offered a free coffee! I do love a coffee, so the offer of a free one was very very welcome. The offer was made by Matt the lovely rep from Keen footwear. We chatted for ages with him and he explained all about the manufacture of the soles of the boots. We examined a boot that had been carefully sliced in two vertically and then we examined one that had been split diagonally. We were amazed at what goes into the manufacture of these boots. We confessed that neither of us had got any Keen boots but knew a lovely Welshman who had several.


After much chatting about walking, blogging, coffee and more we accepted a free bag of coffee beans and went on our way, very pleased that we had stopped by and that we hadn’t on this occasion stuck to plan.