By: Blonde Two

You may remember that on Friday night my sisters and I built and slept under a tarp shelter in my Dad’s garden.  Saturday night was Dad’s birthday party and it was still so warm as the party ended that we ended up doing the same thing but without bothering to put the shelter up.  Sleeping under the stars would have been a perfectly lovely experience if it hadn’t been for the dreaded St Germans’ mosquitoes.

I have been convinced for some time that St Germans (Cornwall) has the highest number of mosquitoes per head of population in the entire United Kingdom.  There are lots of theories as to why this might be, but I think the high mosquito count may be what has helped to keep St Germans so peaceful and virtually free of tourism.  It has become part of my summer tradition now – go to Dad’s, get bitten to pieces, be really uncomfortable on a flight somewhere.

This time, I thought that I had finally beaten the noisy little suckers.  I arrived in long sleeves and trousers with the rest of my skin pre-loaded with DEET.  How wrong I was, within the hour, the little whatsits had managed to find a way up my trouser legs and had four or five really good munches right next to the horse fly bites from last week.

At the party and a long way into the night, we managed to keep the mosquitoes at bay by adding apple wood logs to the barbecue.  I don’t know if you have ever smelt burning apple but it is lovely (although apparently not to mosquitoes).  The apple kept the mosquitoes away from our open air bedroom until about 4.30 in the morning but sadly, I woke again at 5 to that annoying whine and a nasty sensation on my face.

I decided, after that, that I needed to save my sisters from the same face biting fate and took it upon myself to keep mosquito watch.  Sister two had a rather startling awakening to me clapping my hands loudly an inch above her face.  I have since read that these biting bleeders are at their worst at dawn as well as dusk.  It is only the females who bite (definitely not Blondes!) which somehow makes the fact that they always pick on me in a crowd much worse.

The whole yearly mosquito episode is made doubly annoying because I react quite badly (in a swelling up kind of way) to mosquito bites.  I have come home with a beautifully swollen eyelid – similar to a black eye but without the shades of blue.

Lots of people have recommended Avon Skin So Soft to me.  I will try it but am not sure it has ever been tested against the St Germans Super-Mosquito!