By: Blonde Two

Please note that the key word in the title above is “Mothers”.  Women are notoriously good at inventing useful things and the minds of Blondes are particularly honed to fine-tuned developmental problem solving (that sounds posh, you can almost certainly get a degree in it).  You might remember such wonderful inventions as the truck-lorry-bus and the table-bin from Ten Tors Camp this year.

We can solve a problem without even thinking about it.  Sometimes we even have to make the problem happen to fit in with our wonderful solution.  Take a look at the picture below and see what you think our latest and most loved invention is.DSC_1631#1Hmm, I wonder what your guess was?  In fact, this is a Blonde invention and, as such, solves two problems (Two Blondes, two problems) in one go.  The first is Blonde Two’s cold morning feet.  What better way to warm up a pair of Meindl’s than making your coffee in them? (Not literally silly).  The second is the “these camp cup lids never actually keep coffee in the cup if you knock it over” problem.  The answer is not to knock it over, and you can achieve this by placing your lidded cup firmly into the aforementioned pair of Meindls.  I would like to add here that other, more adult liquid beverages are available!

So, as you can see, the Two Blondes have two fabulous new inventions under their belts.  The CupBoot Holder and the BootCup Warmer!  One day we are going to make such a fortune!