By: Blonde Two

Today is Mothering Sunday and I am fairly sure that, as usual on this day each year, the Two Blondes will be doing lots of mothering.  You might imagine that this mothering has something to do with our own children but, of course, here we are on Dartmoor, with lots of other people’s children who need cheering, warming, encouraging, feeding and helping after a chilly night at camp.

I gave all of this lot a talk about Mothering Sunday last week.  They received two pieces of advice; 1. As it will be Mother’s Day, (insert the Two Blondes’ real names here) expect lots of presents and kind words at camp.  2.  As it will be Mother’s Day, make sure that you leave a nice present and card at home for your mums.

Blonde One is cheating slightly this year and has brought her daughter with her.  I think she is expecting daffodils and chocolates but as poor Little-Miss-Blonde walked a very long way yesterday, she may well have been tempted to eat the chocolates and daffs don’t travel well in rucksacks.

Six-Foot-Blonde sent me an early Mothering Sunday pressie and gave me permission to share it with you guys.

This one is for you on this special day,

A chance for me to write some things I’d like to say.

I would like to thank you for all that you have done,

From cleaning poo to crumbles and even Dartmoor fun.

You have filled my days with wonder, adventures and the rest,

Every single moment made me feel like the best.

There are lots of mothers out there who bore and sit and wait,

But no not you, as you stride through another moorland gate.

There have been times when life has given me a rough ride,

But you were always there to get me back in my stride.

You are you and the only you that will come to be,

But remember this duffer loves you, as much as you have loved me.

Aren’t we lucky Blondes?